Sample Education Paper on Standardized Testing

The purpose of this assignment is to help develop your work through a short reflection that describes how you have come to question the specific dilemma that you hope to explore in your integrative project. Questions to consider: What dilemma do you want to explore for your culminating project? What are some of the questions you have? When did you first encounter these questions? How have you experienced the complexities of your questions? How did you come to become interested in this topic? How does it connect to your personal and professional areas of interest? What is important about this topic for you? What kinds of things do you hope to learn about?


Note: The topic of my culminating project is Standardized Testing. My background: I’m from China. Even though I didn’t participate in National Test (GaoKao), I heard and saw many students who attended in GaoKao. The question for me is that “How well do you think standardized tests measure your ability?”, “What are you really learning from school?”, “Is there a way to create a great standardized test that shows something meaningful about students across a district or country, or even around the world?” and “Have students share their own ideas about the purpose, promise, and pitfalls of using standardized tests to assess student achievement?”.


This paper do not need any citation.