Sample Education Paper on significance of a proposed research/lack of literature in online private ESL tutoring

New directions for researching teacher questioning in Online one-on-one Setting

This order is to show the lack of literature and significance of a proposed research. The goals of the research/study are to understand how teacher questioning associated with teacher talk time influences student responses and how teachers adopt the usage of different questions to promote students’ interaction in private online tutoring centers.

You can write this based on the following steps:

First claim there are many empirical studies on investigating the impact/effect of questioning on EFL teaching from 1980 to today; but the majority of them are focusing on school setting, there are very few on ESL teaching & learning in shadow education setting (with evidence from readings uploaded or online), then find even fewer on Online EFL private tutoring (with evidence from readings uploaded or online). [One quotation can be (2020 Martin, Sun, Westine) “With an immediate and growing emphasis on online learning in K-12 and corporate settings, there is a critical need for further investigation in these settings.”]

Then indicate the existing research focuses mainly on the socio-economic dynamics of the private supplementary tutoring system (shadow education) and its impact on educational outcomes, but that’s it, all of them are almost none digging deeper unveiling how private tutors teach in the private tutoring sector. (with evidence from readings uploaded or online).

Then such research can enhance the effective transition of both novice and experienced teachers across all education sectors from conventional physical classrooms to the prevalent virtual learning modalities and provide both novice and experienced teachers with a guiding framework to enhance teacher-student instructions in the virtual learning environment for students of English as a Second/Foreign Language (ESL/EFL). (find evidence from readings uploaded or online).