Sample Education Paper on Role of Social Media

Over the past few years, social media has gained implausible popularity as a
knowledge-sharing platform and an open-source of information. Social media space is being
used by educational institutions to interact with young minds. Also, the incipient role of
social media in the teaching-learning process cannot be overlooked. This paper highlights
some of the roles played by social media in the education sector.
Social media is progressively becoming popular in building correlations outside the
classroom setting. It is aiding in driving admissions and strengthening public relations of
learning institutions. In colleges, the students’ welfare departments are taking social media's
help to engage learners by addressing their grievances. Moreover, it is employed in
showcasing life at the campus and building sturdy alumni networks. Social networks are
empowering educational institutions and students with opportunities to improve the teaching-
learning process (Greenhow et al., 2019). Various websites are helping learners by offering
online tutorials. These platforms are responsible for offering valuable resource material that
enriches students’ knowledge base. Through the platforms, students can access research
studies, books, articles, and other relevant materials to their course of study.
Social media has enabled the easy sharing of information. For students, sharing links
to other sites and information sharing has turned out to be very easy as they share information
with their classmates, friends, and other connections. Much of the time that students are
connected to the internet through their gadgets, they get to transmit opinions, study materials,
tips, and numerous other types of useful reading stuff to one another (Greenhow et al., 2019).
With this, helpful information about their classes and exams get to be exchanged.


In summary, social media plays a great role in the education sector. Some of the roles
include building correlations outside the classroom setting, improving the teaching-learning
process, and facilitating information sharing, among others.



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