Sample Education Paper on Rationale for career development services

Assessment 2: Rationale for Career Development Services

Assessment Item 2:              Rationale for career development services       

Length:                                    3000 words


Develop a discussion paper for a school or organisation that provides a rationale for the development and provision of a career development service for a particular student/client/employee population. Examples of such a service include career development programs or career counselling.

  1. Describe the context of your organisation and the intended recipients of your service (i.e., students, clients, employees).
  1. Explain the career development needs of your intended recipients and describe evidence of those needs. Use relevant literature to support your explanation of the intended recipients’ career development needs.
  1. Develop a rationale for the provision of a career development service for the recipients you have identified.
  1. In your paper, describe the benefits and challenges of the development and provision of your proposed career development service for the recipients and also other students/staff/administration/management.

Use significant Australian and international literature, reports and policy to support your paper. Your reference list should contain at least 20 references including books, book chapters and journal articles. You must use APA referencing.