Sample Education Paper on own experience in early childhood education

Reflect on your own experience in early childhood education.
Chapter 8 from the course text Action Research: A Guide for The Teacher Researcher. (I HAVE ATTACHED A Screenshot of CHAPTER 8 SUMMARY IN THE DROP FILES!!!)
Part 1: Course Reflection:
1. Explain how your action research potential framework for influencing change and improvement in education enhances your leadership skills and empowers you to make a positive difference.
2. Discuss what inspires you to influence change as an early childhood education professional and leader. Share any vision or mission you have for making a positive difference as a leader in early childhood education.
Part 2: Program Reflection:
– Discuss the ways that you have grown and developed in your leadership knowledge and skills.
1. Justify your position by sharing examples of how you have demonstrated leadership in your current professional role as an Early Childhood Educator.
-Integrative and Critical Thinking Expectations (demonstrated within the content of the journal)
1. Connections to Experience: Meaningfully synthesizes the connections among experiences both within and outside of your coursework to deepen the understanding of fields of study and to broaden your own points of view.
2. Reflection and Self-Assessment: Envisions your future self (and possibly makes plans that build on past experiences) that has occurred across multiple and diverse contexts.