Sample Education Paper on methodology and rease

In two or three academically written paragraphs, respond to the following statement regarding the use of knowledge as the basis of curriculum:

There is no way that the instantaneous retrieval of all information can be filtered or controlled. The boundaries of our understanding, in all fields, have been overrun; there is neither scope nor sequence to the new information age. In addition, the multimedia integration of concepts, facts, images, data, and sound create meanings in ways that even Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore (1967) could not have envisioned. We are awash in knowledge, and there is no end in sight to the avalanche of new information. The technologists tell us that the speed and volume of knowledge acquisition is going to increase geometrically. Computer chips will carry the volume of all organized knowledge in smaller, even molecular, sizes. Digitized information, information broken down into bits, will fly across the earth in wireless forms. Knowledge will be accessible to anyone through receivers disguised as jewelry. Voice recognition technology will eliminate keyboards, and data storage will be external. These are not dreams or Dick Tracy-like fantasies. Rather, these products are already in the development stage.