Sample Education Paper on Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)

Answer the Discussion Response Question using the free version on the amazon kindle book called Positive Behavioral Supports for the Classroom
Brenda K. Scheuermann, Judy A. Hall, Glenna Billingsley
Acquired using the video link:

Discussion Question:
After viewing the FBA instructions video in the Learning Resources and reading Chapter 8 in Scheuermann and Hall (2020) briefly describe the steps of the FBA process in your own words. Be sure to cite the readings and materials for this week in your post.
Then, discuss your target student. What are his/her behavior needs? Be sure to operationally define the behavior. Who do you plan to collaborate with in order to complete an FBA for this student? Describe positions, and do not use names. Ex: “I plan to collaborate with the school psychologist, the student’s mom, SLP, etc.”