Sample Education Paper on Evaluating Student Learning


Penovich Friend, M. & Bursuck, W. D. (2019). Including students with special needs a practical guide for classroom teachers (8th ed.). Pearson.

Chapter 11: “Evaluating Student Learning”

In order to meet the needs of students with exceptionalities in an inclusive setting, teachers can modify or adjust assessments. Assessments can be adjusted before, during, or after the assessment or test. Several effective strategies for modifying assessments are available to assist teachers in meeting the needs of students with exceptionalities in their inclusive classroom.

Read the scenario about Eugene in Chapter 11 of your textbook.

While Ms. Howard has provided modifications or adjustments to the assessment process, Eugene is not succeeding academically in the classroom.

Ms. Howard is planning her American history lessons for next week. You will assist Ms. Howard in creating a lesson that incorporates modifications to assessments.

In your post, share the following:

Share a state standard and learning objective for a high school American history lesson that Ms. Howard can use for her lesson plan.
How can Ms. Howard assess student learning in this lesson?
What modifications to the assessment can Ms. Howard implement to meet the needs of Eugene?