Sample Education Paper on Community Service Resources

Identify and describe the community and school resources serving children and families in a given school district/area.
The resources should include programs, assessments, interventions, articles, evaluations, and other material/information to address student and school needs.
Develop a mapping system and provide an overview, of strengths, limitations, and population served for all resources. information and resources about mapping.

The school district should be for LAUSD in Los Angeles, Ca. You can choose whatever area, but preferably the San Fernando Valley. The resources should cover and address all aspects of students’ live they may need help in such as:
food (food drives, hot supper, food stamps), shelter, clothing, financial aid for high school students aspiring to go to college, help with filling out FAFSA, summer/winter/spring camps, health care help (signing up for free healthcare, MEDI-CAL – abortion service, mental health help- free counseling or therapy.)
please try to find resources for all that I listed and other resources I may not have thought of.