Sample Education Essay Paper on The connection between Language and Literacy

The connection between Language and Literacy

Some researchers argue that a link exists between literacy and language. However, others have disputed this supposition. Snow (2016) notes that there exists vast empirical evidence that suggests a relationship between literacy and language, especially for children that suffer from language disorders.  This paper not only looks at the connection between literacy and language but also suggests possible ways to prepare toddlers’ language skills in preparation for pre-school.

It is common for children that experience language deficits also to have difficulty in reading. Furthermore, phonology and morphology are vital language areas that are linked to literacy development. However, other skills, such as narration, comprehension reading, and vocabulary, which are essential language areas, also relate to literacy (Snow, 2016).  When it comes to skilled reading, general language competencies are necessary, more especially, those that involve decontextualized language use. 

Among children, language and literacy are key domains as they refer to the development of skills that are necessary for communication in addition to reading and writing ability. Therefore, literacy is a product of interaction with people. As such, children that are about to join pre-school can benefit from the experiences offered to them, thus start developing literacy skills that will be useful in pre-school learning. As a result, parents and guardians can read stories to kids and engage in conversations with respect to the stories as a way of helping them to develop their language and literacy. Additionally, the children can be asked to retell stories they have previously been told as a way of sharpening their language skills. To ensure that optimum levels of literacy are attained, children’s language development must be paid attention to, given that, language is the basis of literacy. For a child to be able to understand the text, the child must have well developed oral language skills, in addition to being able to decode the text.


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