Sample Education Essay Paper on Learning Behavior of Kindergarten Children

Learning Behavior of Kindergarten Children

Children, in the identified kindergarten institution, engage in activities that define their experimenting behavior in different contexts. Some students are seen playing with learning materials such as crayons which are randomly painted on books and walls of the classroom. Others are fighting over pencils and pens which are used in random writing on the desks and chairs.

The text forms used by children vary in context and range from rough-work drawings and random painting. Several (ranging from 5 to 8) children can spell easy words fluently though inconsistently concerning the complex spelling of certain words. After engaging the children in a simple writing activity, there are those who got interested whereas others seemed perturbed in their activities. Interest in the newly learned activity skills grows in popularity as more and more children are attracted hence take part in the process.

Several children (60% of the class) show signs of adopting a new writing character to impress the tutor, and this is after participating in the activity. Change in writing character has benefited the children which progressively enhance their learning capacity in writing skills. Some children, after a story-reading session, have invented different spelling skills which vary depending on a word. Several children commence spelling a word by reading it loud and relating the sound of the word to its spelling.

Lastly, an invitation to storytelling is warmly welcomed by the children who seem interested in the transition from writing to reading. Most students compete for attention while reading, even though some of the words are wrongly pronounced. Children depict different reading interests in the learning material regarding gender. For instance, female children are more inclined towards reading stories that have doll pictures and images. Their male counterparts prefer reading text that is associated with sports and car models.