Sample Education Essay Paper on How Faith and Spirituality Can Help Those Who Are Dying

How Faith and Spirituality Can Help Those Who Are Dying

            Spiritual therapy can be beneficial to persons who are dying and those close to them. This is because the thought of death is disconcerting, and it is nice to have hope and positive expectations that whatever is getting experienced at the moment will be over soon and possibly result in a good outcome. The faith and spirituality hold the prospect of a better existence after death. This forms the basis of hope for the dying, knowing that they will be in a better place in the afterlife. It is comforting for the dying and their relatives to know that the imminent death is not the end, but just a form of transition into a better place. The hope of the dying and persons close to them meeting again after this transition process is helpful in creating the acceptance needed for emotional healing.   

            A counselor has the responsibility of respecting the integrity of the grieving person and promote the welfare of the client. This can be done by establishing the spiritual alignment of the client and then using that as a guide to understanding the client better (Gamino & Ritter, 2009). Another responsibility demanded of the counselor is to ensure that the engagement with the client does not violate or diminish the legal and civil rights of the client (Gamino & Ritter, 2009). The client who is in a state of grieving is very vulnerable, and if not handled well, can lead to having them taken advantage of. The counselor must ensure that the client is not exposed to any risks on their mental and emotional welfare. Failure to do this can lead to the client or patient hurting even more and make the process of bereavement counseling ineffective.


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