Sample Education Essay Paper on Examination of Learning Styles

Examination of Learning Styles

This section discusses my learning style which I have been using during the course of my studies and my unique personality traits understood through the completion of various self-assessments. One’s learning style is important as it highlights the most effective way by which an individual can grasp the concepts and ideas taught in the classroom. There are three learning styles, the visual, kinesthetic, and auditory.

Each style describes a preferred method of getting and processing information to enable learning. Visual learners prefer (1) watching demonstrations, reading, charts, diagrams, images, and note-taking, (2) talking about the appearance of things, instead of what was stated, and (3) short statements as they dislike lectures and talks (Truong, 2016). Auditory learners like (1) listening to descriptions, learning by recalling out aloud, and speaking, (2) recalling what was said, instead of how it looked or what was done, and (3) quiet environments as they are typically distracted by noises. Kinesthetic learners like (1) learning whilst touching, doing, using or building objects, and writing things down, (2) learning by themselves and breaking things apart to see how they function, and (3) to fidget around with things as they do not like to sit still while studying (Truong, 2016).

Overall, the exercise highlights that I am by and large a visual learner as this matches my extrovert personality. Further, I tend to grasp things and concepts more when I get to see how they work.

The difference between learning styles in individuals is essential in course design since it ensures that the content is developed in such a manner that it accommodates each learner. By adapting the instruction to design to suit each type of learning style, the learners can attain the course objectives. It also provides a comfortable classroom setting.

On that note, the method that I will use to enable my classmates will be based on visual learning. I will choose a spirit animal that my name represents and tell the class to attach my name to that spirit animal. Since many people are able to recall what they saw, this visual strategy will enable classmates to remember my name effectively.


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