Sample Education Essay Paper on Education in the Past and Now

Education in the Past and Now

The recent transition in the world has greatly impacted on how different sectors have improved today. Compared to the previous days when learning required students to be in direct contact with their teachers and mostly, pen and paper were the basic tools used in learning and teaching, nowadays everything has changed through continued use of technology.

Initially children used visible and tangible instruments in developing their study and critical thinking skills but today, kids use technologically enabled materials to play while at the same time studying. Technology has led to personalization of instructions in computers that enrich and at the same time increases the readability level for growing children. It has been proved that children enhance their skills and adjusts to situations faster when they are enjoying what they are doing. It is through this that games are innovated to fit the basic learning requirements for children as they grow. The games include puzzles, crossword and other mind challenging experience that the children are taken through while observing trends and at the end gaining psychologically.

The development of teaching methods for teachers has also evolved vehemently all because of the increasing use of technology. The use of blackboard has since been done away with and replaced by use of smartboard which is basically used to project what the teacher is explain to the students. The dashboards don’t need chalks or other writing materials since the information is typed on a computer device and projected.

Together with the evolution of learning techniques and the changing of equipments used in teaching and learning, the personalization of materials to fit the specific needs that learners require is another development that has grown over time. The changes to teaching prospectus to fit the hi-tech advancements have also greatly impacted the augmentation of instructing.

Though there are several similarities between previous state of education and the present, the new development I the sector has positively impacted to better and easy learning process.