Sample Education Essay on Children’s Health

Children’s Health

Question 1

Poor nutrition puts children’s health at risk because it can result in tiredness, stress, and reduces the ability to work. Additionally, it has a health risk of developing some diseases and other health problems like tooth decay, cancer, stroke and heart disease, eating disorders, and depression.

Proteins play a significant role in the health of children because they help in the development of connective tissues and muscles, strength maintenance, and transportation of oxygen to all parts of the body. It also fights against infections (Ellen, 2014).

Carbohydrates also affect child’s health because diets rich in carbohydrates lessen the possibility of developing obesity. Inadequate consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates may result in adverse health effects (, 2014).

Water is a significant element to the development and health of a child. For instance, consumption of clean drinking water is essential for the development of the child. On the other hand, children who drink dirty water may suffer from diarrhea and hinder proper development of the child. Dirty water may lead to health risks (, 2014).

Question 2

There are various ways through which food can be used as a means of exerting autonomy or control. Firstly, children learn from what is done by their parents, for example, they can feed themselves. Children may also want to comprehend the aspect of eating and making sure that they are successful by all means be it by putting food in their pockets or hiding their plates under the table. In the above examples, a child is trying to show that he/she is independent. Parents can encourage independence, and this assist in preventing negative aspects of control. In an attempt to prevent any type of negative control that may be related with behavior, a parent may opt for some type of teething by giving the child soft foods that he/she can chew.

Question 3

I would encourage parents to prepare for their children a balanced diet. I would do this by helping them draw a timetable on the kind of food they would prepare for their children during lunch time.


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