Sample Education Coursework Paper on Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have A Dream Speech

Discussion 3

Racial divide in American schools is fueled by social inequality prevalent in the community. This is the reason as to why some schools are branded as white institutions while others for the colored population. The admission of students and administration of schools has also been subjected to racial segregation hence fueling the divide. The colored population access low standard schools while the white population goes to high standard institutions.

The legacy of Brown verses board of education involved the Supreme Court ruling against racial segregation in schools and the end of segregated schools. States were forced to integrate students from different races in obedience to the new ruling by the court. However, questions were being raised on the role of courts in school administration an action that attracted political interventions (Robertson, 2010).

The similarities between the schools in Baton Rouge and schools in New York City include high population of racial students in high poverty schools. This insinuates that the quality of education offered to students in these schools is low as compared to schools in white populated regions. Thus, schools in New York and other states experiences high population of students to teacher’s ratio. This affects the delivery process an action that lowers the quality of education in these states (Gokadze, 2013).

I think we are segregated in terms of income inequality. This happens due to accessibility to jobs for the population. The white population is more favored in employment than the colored people. This leads to social and income segregation that sees the colored people live in underdeveloped regions.

I can relate the two videos to Martin Luther King Junior speech “I have a dream” in the sense that he talked about racial integration among the population. This would be achieved through education where students from diverse races attend same schools. This would lead to the attainment of the dream.


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