Sample Economics Essay Paper on US Economy Inequality

ECON101 Writing Assignment #2

The goal of this writing assignment is to expand upon the discussion materials and topics offered throughout the first three weeks of the class. This assignment is worth 100 points detailed below.

In these assignments, you should practice finding and using external sources to justify your arguments. I am always happy to help you find sources.

Topic List

The Cost of Discrimination  Researchers funded by Citibank concluded that the US economy lost about $1T in potential production per year over the last 20 years due to workplace discrimination. What are some ways that workplace discrimination manifests against groups or individuals based on race, ethnicity, or sex?

Do Anti-Discrimination Policies Work?  Anti-discrimination policies are fairly controversial in the US political argument. The linked article summarizes European perceptions of anti-discrimination policies. Do you think that in the US, opinions are relatively similar or different than to those in Europe (or potentially elsewhere)? Why would this be?

Colorado Rentals Squeeze  Generally in economics we think of houses as investment assets. When the price of the asset rises, homeowners benefit. Are there any potential negatives of housing market inflation to the homeowners?

Denver Affordable Housing Projects and/or Vice Documentary: Chicago Public Housing  The term “project” has taken on a somewhat negative descriptive connotation in modern English. Are the affordable family housing projects in Denver likely to suffer from problems similar to previous public housing projects? What can the lessons of the past teach us about affordable housing in the future?

Trends in US Health Care Spending The National Conference of State Legislatures article shows that health care premiums are increasing over time. Why could this be problematic, even for those who are healthy?

Comparing Health Care Reform Options Consider some of the health care proposal reforms listed in the Commonwealth Fund article. Are there any in particular which you strongly support? Any which you do not?

US Economic Inequality Suppose you were talking to somebody who had never heard of the concept of ‘American Dream’. How would you explain it to them? Discuss the American dream in light of economic inequality which exists. Is the American Dream story reconcilable with the realities of inequality?

World Air Pollution Map Look at the World air pollution map posted. What areas surprised you in terms of having good/bad air quality? Any places which you expected to find the way they were? Why? What does air pollution have to do with economic growth or prosperity?

Sources of Marine Pollution and/or Our World in Data: Plastic Pollution Marine pollution is one of the largest climate threats facing the younger generation. Our World in Data publishes charts about the sources of plastic pollution. In what ways do you think plastic waste could be reduced without major lifestyle changes? Which plastic wastes would require bigger changes?

What has the Paris Climate Agreement Achieved?  What makes environmental regulation so contentious in modern political discussion? What sorts of regulations are you in favor of/opposed to? Why?



Introduction (20 points): Should not exceed about half a page. Clearly state your thesis. The most important aspect of an effective introduction is to concisely state what you are talking about. Make sure you are foreshadowing the main points in your body paragraph. It is often helpful to write this section after the body.

Body (60 points):

Explanation of Concept (20 points): Clearly explain your topic. The grade for this section will not be based on external citations, but rather how clearly you are able to state and defend a thesis in the paper.

Main Body (40 points): Defend your position or argument using external sources. The grade for this section is primarily determined by how you use sources to defend your key arguments.

Conclusion (20 points): Should not exceed about half a page. Restate your thesis, main conclusion, and the most important pieces of information to your argument.