Sample Economics Article Review Paper on Economic Implications of the US Government Shutdown in 2018

Article: An article – Government Shutdown across America by Alan Blinder – reports that a total of 800,000 federal employees lived without pay in the recent US Government Shutdown. It is claimed that this was the longest government shutdown since the effective adoption and implementation of political civilization 242 years ago. Federal workers complained of the shutdown as their monthly pay was withheld by the administration in a bid to fund a government expenditure (Blinder np). President Trump’s administration shut down the government to deny federal workers of their weekly and monthly wages as a means of funding the erection of the Southern Border which requires $5.7 billion. Since the Democrats had refused to pass a bill that would approve that budget, it became necessary to shut the government as other means were proving futile. For instance, soliciting funds from well-wishers who supported the government’s project failed terribly after the figure raised could not facilitate full implementation of the project.

Content Connection: When keenly evaluated, the New York Times article resonates profoundly with this week’s learning in significant ways. For instance, it became practically impossible for federal workers to execute their personal budgets which categorize savings as an important economic practice in any country (Blinder np). Since they were denied access to their weekly and monthly wages, it would also be genuine to state that investment spending among federal workers reduced substantially halting economic growth and development. Essentially, striking a balance between income and expenditure was also a hurdle to the federal workers as their expenses had no source of funding, in form of financial investments. It would be vital, nonetheless, to state that the entire financial system among the federal workers was at fault for failing to complete the economic cycle required for survival in a perfectly moderated US economy.

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