Sample Cultural and Ethnic Studies Paper on Business

Different cultures exist in the world. Each society has a unique way of carrying out
business interactions—cultural differences in our increasingly connected world challenge good
customer service. Understanding cultural diversity in the world is essential to enhancing
customer satisfaction. A customer service responsive to all cultures is needed to surmount
communication challenges. Excellent customer service is culturally sensitive.
American Culture
In American culture, time is a linear concept. Americans plan and organize their lives as
a sequence of past, present, and future. Businesses should offer proactive customer care services.
Some Americans are open about their sexuality, while others are reserved. There are
mixed reactions to expressing their sexuality to the opposite sex. Allowing customers to choose
their preferred pronouns and titles, using gender-neutral language to address customers, and
being respectful are customer care strategies to address American feelings towards the opposite
The Power distance in the American culture is moderate. Most people in American
society believe that power distribution is equally tiny. People accept unequal distribution of
power. Customer care representatives should undergo training to be more assertive in dealing
with customer care complaints. Businesses should also have customer care policies that are fair
and consistent across all cultures so that all people feel treated equally.
The United States is generally a low-context culture. American people rely on direct
communication such as words and written documents to be understood. Other cultures
communicate indirectly. The high context cultures often communicate through nonverbal cues.
Establishing clear communication channels between the customers and the business is essential
to ensure everyone is on the same page. Companies should also encourage feedback to improve

customer service. Additionally, customer service is vital to flexible customer care strategies and
adjusting the approach when needed.
Americans spend much with fewer savings. Many people have a more relaxed attitude
towards spending money and like spending money on the things they love. Some cultures and
religions advise people on how to spend and save money. Businesses can offer advisory services
to their customers through education in financial literacy. Companies can also increase customer
engagement to prioritize customer safety.
French Culture
The French have a relaxed attitude towards adherence to time. Time limits are not strict,
with some minutes to appointments accepted. However, French people are on time for meals and
social events. The French are also loyal people who have mutual respect and understanding
between members of the opposite sex. French people give great deference to people of authority.
French people accept a certain degree of nonequivalence. A high context culture ensures paying
attention to every word spoken. French people embrace a saving culture where most people put
their savings into investments.
German Culture
The German people are extremely punctual. They turn up for business appointments on
time. Lateness for even a few minutes is offensive. Germans reserve their feelings and
expressions for members of the opposite sex. German culture strives for equal distribution of
power and wealth. In the German culture, there is consultation among subordinates. Germany is
a low-context culture. Moreover, Germans have a deep-rooted obsession with saving (Yair,


A great customer experience is a requisite for excellence in business management.
Excellent Customer care service requires an understanding of different cultures that exist in the
world. Businesses should make efforts to overcome barriers to good customer relations.



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