Sample Cultural and Ethnic Studies Paper on Behavior Analysis

BACB ethical code and their rationale
Ethical codes in behavior analysis are stipulated BACB conducts which outlines the
ethical principles that govern decisions and behavior in an organization or a company. The
ethical codes listed by Behavior Analyst Certification Board BACB includes reliance on
scientific knowledge, boundaries competence, maintaining competence through professional
development, integrity, professional and scientific relationships, multiple relationship and
conflicts of interest and exploitative relationship (Brodhead, M. T. 2019). For Javier case he
should have considered boundaries competence, reliance on scientific knowledge and integrity.
Javier should apply the scientific information basing them on skills and conduct investigation
when providing expert judgment. He should be truthful and honest in his finding with high
quality work and that is integrity.
Violation of code and reason for the violation
There was violation of integrity as an ethical code. The individual file that Javier was
going through and noticed ABA services which were not provided to the individual. Although
the company did provide respite services which were very useful to the individual but they were
filled as ABA services (Rosenberg, N. E. 2019). The company failed in its responsibility toward
the client. It was the duty of the company to communicate who the principal eventual recipient of
the service should be in whatever given circumstances and advocates their interest.
Response as Javier supervisor
Based on this scenario there should be well organized and maintained record. It is the role
of the behavior analyst to act in discretion while try to create, store, access, transfer, and dispose
the report in their jurisdiction. The maintainance and disposal of these records should be in

accord with appropriate laws, policies, corporate regulations, as well in approach that allows
fulfillment according to the requirement of this rules (Sellers,et al., 2019). The area for
monitoring is the billing department to avoid mixing of files. As a supervisor in such occasion
where one of the service or even several are not provided the cause of action taken would be
applicable to the BACB codes. I will conduct my investigation and make the final findings
before making a decision and provide feedback concerning the whole scenario. This will prevent
any mistake in future and ease the confrontation.

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