Sample Cultural and Ethnic Studies Essay Paper on Paradigm


Western culture is an amalgamation of social norms, political systems, traditional customs, ethical values, and belief systems that have an aspect of their origin in Europe. The term has come to be closely associated with the Americas and not just the continent of Europe. Western culture was not founded all at once. Instead, it’s a product of efforts from myriads of years and individuals. Some renowned persons that have contributed immensely to this culture include Luther, Columbus, Gutenberg, and Charles Darwin. All of these individuals undoubtedly made their mark on history by reason of their contributions. Luther fathered the Protestant church which is one of the biggest denominations currently. Columbus has been credited for discovering mainland America during his voyages for the then Italian dynasty. Gutenberg invented the first portable printing press. Charles Darwin commonly referred to as the father of evolution, is credited with making the biggest contribution to biology. However, in my opinion, Gutenberg had the most lasting influence on Western culture.

All the inventions and discoveries made by these four men are outstanding, however, Gutenberg’s invention is the most unique and impactful to this very time and age. To begin with, the portable printing press made it easier and possible for knowledge to be distributed. Before this invention, the only way to reproduce written material was by manually copying. This was both time-consuming and inaccurate. Secondly, the printing press made learning a reality for a large number of people since books could be found and owned easily. This invention facilitated the distribution of Luther’s work and the storage and distribution of both Columbus’ and Darwin’s discoveries. Lastly, this invention continues to influence livelihoods until this age. Many learning, religious, and business institution rely on improved versions of the printing press for their efficient day-to-day operations.


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