Sample Cultural and Ethnic Studies Essay Paper on Hiring of a Medical Consultant

Hiring of a Medical Consultant


Hiring and recruitment of competent employees involves the effective planning and development of systematic processes to assess and match job descriptions among the selected pool of candidates. Hiring the best-qualified candidates requires competency-based approaches to the interviewing processes (Noe et al., 2017). Correspondingly, the recruitment and hiring processes should be accurate and fair to assess the candidates’ skills and competency objectively. Indeed, hiring a medical consultant to assist with sales of the company’s latest HCIT solutions to a global marketplace is a multifaceted process.       

The selected candidate

In the selection process, I will evaluate the candidates’ distinctive match to the specified requirements for the position of medical consultant. The predetermined job requirements provide a unique set of criteria that will be crucial in my ultimate decision. After a careful consideration of the scenario and character descriptions, I would hire Medica Seles out of the four candidates for the position of medical consultant. Undeniably, the position requires specific skills and higher level of proficiency, which I believe Medica satisfies. I would base my decision on numerous competing interests crucial in the selection of candidates. Specifically, I would identify the candidate’s best qualifications and related tasks matching the job requirements. In essence, the verification of the candidates’ skills is mandatory selection criteria in every hiring or recruitment process.

Undoubtedly, I believe that Medica matches the job-related requirements for the stipulated position. In particular, I would use the job descriptions as a basis for the candidates’ selection (Noe et al., 2017). Medica has the relevant experience in healthcare informatics and sales, which are vital requirements for the position. Such competencies will enable the candidate to explain how the company’s latest HCIT solutions work to the consumer segments. Additionally, the selected candidate is flexible in his schedule and can manage the frequent traveling. In general, Medica’s experience further shows that he impressive record in medical sales and healthcare informatics.        

The pros and cons of the available candidates

The main selling point of candidate Ren Sanspit is his flexibility and level of determination to succeed in the new position. However, the candidate’s skills do not match most of the job-related requirements. He does not have relevant knowledge or experience on healthcare informatics and sales. For candidate Angie Gram, the primary selling points his impressive knowledge in medical technologies. Additionally, Angie is comparatively good around people and this may translate in great sales of the company’s HCIT solutions. However, Angie does not have the requisite level of experience or adequate English-speaking skills. While the candidate is highly knowledgeable, she may fail to communicate articulately the sophisticated HCIT solutions and complex medical terminologies and technologies to English-speaking audiences.       

Correspondingly, candidate Karen Comfort has adequate background on hospital administration and impressive knowledge in relevant medical terminologies. Additionally, the Karen’s marital status (single) implies more flexibility and dedication towards work. Nevertheless, Karen’s level of qualification, skills set, and experience does not fit the stipulated requirements for the position of medical consultant. Lastly, the selected candidate Medica Seles fits most of the specified requirements for a medical consultant. 

One applying concepts from the course material to justify the selection

The apply concept justifying my selection of Medica Seles is notion of “best fit candidate.” I based Medica’s selection on skills set and experience level. While the selected candidate has certain limitation, his credentials were convincing enough and I believe that he can deliver exceptional results to the company. From among the four candidates, Medica Seles is the best available to fill the position of medical consultant.


The hiring of Medica Seles as the best medical consultant to assist with sales of the company’s latest HCIT solutions to a global marketplace is the best decision. When making such complex hiring decisions, the company must ascertain candidates’ level of qualification, skills, experience. From the above scenario, Medica Seles satisfies the predetermined job-related requirements.         


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