Sample Cultural and Ethnic Studies Essay Paper on Culture of Oman

Culture of Oman

The culture of Oman has a deep foundation in Islam, with Islamic festivities, events, and concepts in life playing a fundamental role. The principal medium of communication is modern standard Arabic, even though borrowed influences from Persian, Baluchi, Gujarati, Urdu, and Portuguese languages are observable on the dialect. The national dress for males is an ankle-long, collar-less, and long-sleeved gown, called a dishdasha, which is usually white, although other colors such as brown, black, and lilac are also common. For women, the national dress involves colorful and vibrant-colored attire worn over trousers. The color, embroidery, and material of the attire are different, with jewelry, an abaya (modest cloak or dress, often black, worn over clothes), and a hijab (typical head covering) complementing the look (World Culture Encyclopedia Article para. 4-7).

In terms of cuisine, rice, prepared using many spices and marinades, is a principal dish in Oman. A hierarchical scheme of social stratification applies in Omani culture, with family relationships founded on tribal ties playing a vital role in social identity. The community attaches high value on religious education, while women hold substantial authority within families as contributors to family decisions, although they have little authority and privileges outside the kin group. The community considers marriage as a contract between two families, with families assuming the responsibility of finding spouses for their children. Arranged marriages are highly common, preferably between cousins, despite the level of education or social class. Polygamy is a common form of marriage, especially (but not exclusively) among the wealthy, with the first wife being a close cousin and the second a younger and less-close relative of the man. In public, formality and politeness are common ideals, while women often have to find males to chaperon them in public events, receptions, or parties (World Culture Encyclopedia Article para. 8-14).

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