Sample Criminal Law Essay Paper on

Order of Volatility

            Criminal analysis depends on a solid forensic plan. It is a growing field considering the demand for refinement of evidence for criminal investigation. Forensic studies aid us understand the intent of the crime, the frequency of occurrence and the probable suspects involved. This is a significant cause in administration of justice for the affected person(s). The state crime lab is a forensic expert helping in criminal investigation (Ubelaker, 2014). The lab is divided into different sections for the collection and analysis of evidence, for example, DNA and fingerprint analysis, microscopy and the data evaluation sections. Recent reports by AB Investigative Services (ABIS) have unearthed several problems faced by the different sections in the state crime lab that have to be tackled to increase its effectiveness. The noted troublesome areas are:

  1. Technology
  2. Security and Privacy
  3. Inventory and warehouse management
  4. Order of Volatility
  5. Forensic plan and adherence
  6. Customer service

The recommendations for the following troublesome areas are as stipulated in the following texts.

            A well stipulated forensic plan and adherence to it is a recipe for efficient evidence analysis and improved crime investigation. It is one thing to come up with a plan but a different thing to implement it. Implementation of the forensic plan involves understanding the Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) of the forensic products (National Research Council of the National Academics, 2009). The investigator has to guarantee appropriate computer forensic products are used as stipulated. To provide appropriate QA and QC in the computer forensic products, the investigator can:

  1. Ensure usage of the latest digital tools in analysis of associated forensic data
  2. Ensure qualified staff is assigned the development and analysis of the forensic products/data

            Technology is another determinant of the effectiveness of the state crime lab. The dynamic technology sphere produces range of forensic products suited for different functions in the crime lab. The state crime lab should outsource some functions/applications to work more effectively. The recommended practices concerning technology section of the state crime lab, they should:

  1. Encourage innovation practices within its qualified staff to develop better products tailored to their goals/functions
  2. Incorporate the social Internet platforms and web applications like the browsers and social media to promote e-business.

            Security and privacy should be upheld to the highest possible standards as a measure to regulate quality of the forensic products. Customer data should be safeguarded to prevent disclosure to unrelated properties unless if requested through a court order. To improve security and privacy, the state crime lab should involve a policy of dealing with the customer only and not his/her affiliates who may ask for the client’s forensic data (Ubelaker, 2012).

Communication determines the quality of service delivered. Customer service is a marketing tool which if used effectively will improve the dealings of the state crime lab. To maintain communication with the clients, the state crime lab should use mails, e-mails, phone calls and SMS services. For general inquiries by the customer, the state crime lab can used online social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Quick response to customer concerns will improve a customer’s experience and service.

The state crime lab, like other companies, should do an inventory of its supplies and distributions. This is a vital practice to keep check of the returns accrued and prevention of fraudulent activities. To improve the inventory and warehouse management, the state crime lab should file its returns, both physical and digital data; this would act as reference when auditing the profitability and efficiency of the different sections of the lab (Ubelaker, 2014).

Price and demand variations affect the business of the state crime lab. Loyal customers, suppliers, and distributors should be accorded different rates as compared to one-time customers, suppliers, and distributors. This will increase the business trust built between the state crime lab and the loyal parties. To attract more customers, the crime lab should offer discount rates depending on the quantity and quality of the order received from the customer. Besides, this would improve customer relations and act as a significant marketing tool.


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