Sample Criminal Justice Paper on Technological advancements demands encroachment of criminology

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Technological advancements demands encroachment of criminology

Development of technology has led to rise in crimes in various parts of the nation. According to research findings by Siegel (2013), reasons for participating in crimes is also varied compared to the past. There is a high demand for increased research on criminology and criminology theory. Crime typologies are based on the most recent issues in criminology such as green, cyber, and transnational crimes. The study focuses on diverse case studies to reveal extent of the rate of crime and the required studies in each of the cases. From the studies, the reader is encouraged to make his own ruling as per the evidences released (MSN News, 2013). Criminal justice is an approach employed by the government in advocating social control and preventing crime. Several benefits are derived from studying case studies in this book. For instance, a suspect pleads guilty in developing child pornography for international sextortion scheme. These emphasize the authentic criminals from the recent collected information. Criminological ideas and studies being emphasized include situations where prosecutors assist children in recollection of information for enhanced testimony. Theories enlightened comprise trait theory. Criminal theorists have been mentioned including the theorists and their contributions in this study. The reader is able to understand how treatment exercises are synched in the biological and psychological challenges of the offenders. They can also grasp the process of treatments managements in the consideration of the conditions and traits in criminology. Elements related to racial, sexual, and cultural variation have been highlighted. Students are thus able to reflect like a criminologist to overcome arising ethical dilemmas. This is through answering some set of questions, which calls for criminological knowledge. Besides this, readers are endowed with critical thinking skills, which are acquired in answering critical questions at the end of every chapter.

Legislative, correction and adjudication sectors comprise the criminal justice system. Aims of this system embraces reduction of crimes in form of collecting offences for justice. By delivering the law, public confidence in the system is accomplished.  Criminal justice also seeks to poise crime control objectives and public justice such as equity. This enables collaborative functioning of the community and citizen protection. According to the recent studies, there is reduction of murder cases and increase of automotive robbery. This is attributed to the increase in the demand for luxury and entertainment rather than basic demands. Increase in rape cases, especially in infants has also increased due to escalating demands in pornography and cyber crimes.

According to Siegel (2013), there are diverse forms of criminology. There are homicide cases, cybercrime that is divided into cyber war, cyber theft, cyber attacks, and cyber vandalism. These are revelations on the prevailing Spy Eye programs, which continue to influence internet crimes. Interesting information is also realized concerning Chinese hawkers who steal military and commercial information from Americans. The reader comes to realize how drugs, illegal goods including pornography are disseminated. The reader is therefore able to come to terms with significant issues such as test theories and measure relationships in criminology. Such information further equips the reader with understanding of peer pressure in the choice of behaviors. It besides defines the rates of terrorist activities in the past and presently. The author has derived the variation between the common depiction of a serial killer and sexual burglary and the reality.


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