Sample Criminal Justice Paper on Investigative security

Investigative security

Investigative security involves compilation of facts, used to identify, trace and provide prove of a criminal offense. A complete investigation consists of searching, interrogations, facts collection and protection in addition to other investigation techniques. Planning and prudence are crucial to successful resource management. Investigators should identify the resource requirements of an investigation at the most primitive opportunity. When making decision on the resources needed, the investigator should consider the suitable level of investigative response, the accessibility and cost of the necessary resources and whether their use is balanced. Some of the investigations carried out in this area include, financial felonies, money laundering, commercial scam and intellectual property burglary, cybercrimes, civil rights violations and human trafficking.

NCISS which is the National Council of Investigation and Security Services is a joint effort of those corporations and organizations mandated in providing private defense and investigation services to the business group, government, legal profession and the community at large. Fraud investigator plays a major role in the criminal justice structure by carrying out a range of duties for general and criminal investigations. Fraud investigator conducts investigations on issues dealing with insurance and credit card scam, as well as conducting interviews and working with postal officers when the crimes have occurred via the mail. Fraud Investigator interrogates those people who are affected by deceitful activity, including appellants, employers, and observers. They study accounts and transactions, mostly those carried out through electronic means. Fraud investigator can execute search warrants as well as conducting surveillance to gather proof of fraudulent acts. Investigators may be hired by the central government, law enforcement agencies, insurance, banks, and hospitals. Some fraud investigators may also go into private practice where they build and work for their personal client base.