Sample Criminal Justice Paper on Forum: Future Policy Direction: Prevention

Forum: Future Policy Direction: Prevention

            Pedophilia can be defined as an unnatural strong sexual attraction towards children. This means that pedophiles can come from any kind of group including the poor, female, male, rich, educated, uneducated, race or religion among others. Furthermore, this condition may develop even during early the early stages of an individual’s life development. This means that even minors could be vulnerable to the condition that amounts to sexual child abuse. There exist various ways that can be used to identify pedophiles. Firstly, most pedophiles are male and relate well with children or minors (Hilliard 1). They pretend to care and love for children making them to be always around children. As such, they rarely socialize with people their age. Secondly, they usually collect photos of child pornography. These photos usually contain nude and explicit pictures of children. Generally, pedophiles are centered on children in order to pursue their sexual interests.

            Various measures that can be taken to address this issue include awareness, parental education, establishment of psychological centers and implementation of strict child offender laws. Firstly, parents should play a vital role in educating their children early enough concerning body safety and genitalia (Hilliard 1). This includes telling children not to allow anyone to touch their genitals or touch other peoples. Secondly, governments can raise awareness campaigns on regularly in order to ensure that its citizens are aware of such disorders and how to prevent them. In this light, psychological centers would provide necessary counseling, therapies, relapse prevention and assertive training for the already the affected individuals like Adams (Dreger 1). Finally, implementation of laws that stipulate strict punishment for any child sexual offender would significantly address this issue. With severe punishments, people’s mind would not be driven to thinking about children.

            Sexual child abuse is unethical and unacceptable. As such treatment and prevention measures described above would be significant in addressing the pedophilia disorders. Furthermore, research should be conducted concerning whether this disorder could be hereditary or whether consumption of certain foods could be triggering factors.

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