Sample Criminal Justice Essay Paper on The Other Wes Moore

Question One

Mary was not able to make her children feel the same regarding school and education despite the strong feelings she had for it because of the misfortunes in her life. There was strong injustice and inequality in the society that made it next to impossible for the sons to obtain opportunity to study in schools such as Community College of Baltimore or Johns Hopkins University which was few miles away from them. She did not want to place Tony and Wes Moore under immense pragmatic and emotional pressure that was in the society as a result of prejudice and discrimination.

Question Two

Tony influenced Wes Moore in various ways. He advised him not to let the daily struggles that the other young men in their neighborhood experienced limit him from going further in life (Moore 72). His main intention was to see Wes on a better path in life. On the other hand, Tony negatively influenced the choices that Wes made in his life. For instance, he ended up recruiting him to take part in the jewelry store robbery. Moore the author wrote with great insight regarding the ghetto lifestyle led by the youth describing the pressures that they had to experience on a daily basis on the streets. Violence, drug dealing and disdain for education were a norm in the street. It became a culture that for a young person to transform into manhood, they had to commit a crime.

Question Three

The other Wes Moore old neighborhood managed to follow him throughout his life. There are several instances when he tried to rise and become a better person, but each time he ended up falling in the same path of criminal lifestyle. It shows how it was a struggle to adopt a new lifestyle because of the old habits which had become part of him.

Question Four

The critical factors in the lives of Wes Moore and the other Wes Moore that creating a vast difference in their destinies is the choices that each made. The close-knit family was also a factor that made Moore to grow up as a responsible and compassionate individual. Mary also played an important role to ensure that Moore grew up to be a sensible and hard-working person. On the other hand, the other Moore did not have good influence in his life meaning that he could not shape his life for the better because of people around him.

Question Five

The author of the book has provided an ameliorating condition that led to the imprisonment of the other Wes Moore. According to him, the company that he kept especially the bad friends led him on the wrong path which made him commit murder during the jewelry robbery.  Young people who grow up on the streets needs to be taught and guided through a good path in life. They should be educated on making moral choices that would affect their lives positively.

Question Six

When the author said to the other Wes Moore that “I guess it’s hard sometimes to distinguish between second chances and last chances,” he meant that this was a life time opportunity for him to change into a better person (Moore 67).  It appears from this statement that the other Wes did not recognize that it was his last opportunity to become an important person in the society. Wes Moore transformed into a better person by developing a new psychological environment which enabled him to meet his expectations of living a respectable and responsible life. The reason for making the decision was to live a fulfilled life where he would be impressed with himself while at the same time acquires respect from people. On the other hand, the other Moore used that chance to turn into a robber and murderer. His choice was based on peer pressure from Tony.

Question Seven

Fatherhood played an important role in the lives of the two Wes Moore. The author’s (Wes Moore) father though absent in his life because of death managed to indirectly guide him through the right path in life. He heard good stories about him from the mother about his courage and honor as a husband and citizen of the nation which made Wes to want to be more like him. His absence did not affect him much because of the good values he possessed that Moore decided to implement in his life. On the other hand, the other Wes Moore was not aware whether the father was dead or alive. The lack of a fatherly figure in his life must have led to the bad life that he lived which was mainly influenced by his brother Tony who was into drug business.

Question Eight

Education has a strong relationship with poverty. It means that people who are not educated misses a lot of chances to develop in their lives ending up in the wrong company as a way to make ends meet. Joy the mother of the author though not educated understood the value of education resulting in her enrolling Moore in prep school at the age of 6. When she could not sustain the expenses of paying the school fees he sent the son to a military boarding school for him to be educated. In the end, Moore grew up to be a confident, disciplined and successful young man in the society. On the other hand, the other Moore’s mother was also not educated but had a problem with drug addiction that negatively impacted the son. The other Moore ended up selling drugs because everyone around him was involved with drugs. The mother was prevented by circumstances of injustice hence never tried much to ensure that the son went to school. In the end, they had to live in poverty and the only way out to survive was through drug businesses which had a negative consequence in his life as he had to spend some years in prison.

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