Sample Criminal Justice Dissertation Chapter paper on DARE Training

DARE Training

As the most prevalent, formal gang, violence and drug abuse education provided in America, the choice of whether to attend or not to attend DARE was out of the question. The idea of understanding social responsibility was not only important to my parents, but it was and still is important to me. Therefore, my attendance of the curriculum was a deeply personal and communal decision. The curriculum presented to me the opportunity to learn the position of the legal system toward drug possession, distribution and abuse, as well as the avenues for assistance if the need arose. In addition, having the opportunity to interact with a police officer, whose primary intent was to educate me on important life decisions, helped to build a trust and reverence not just for the office, but the individuals dedicated to the service of others. This vital role of the program allows the development of community involvement in security as well as legal issues.

Having grown up in a God-fearing household, I was taught to value my body and make every effort to secure its hygiene as well as health. This meant that any activity that would lead to the departure from hygiene and health automatically became alien and undesirable to me. Therefore, with relation to drugs and drug abuse, my affinity was developed earlier and nurtures by the character of my guardians and the information they provided. As such, my opinion is that the training did have an effect on my attitudes and actions towards drugs. However, it was not to build or develop a foundation, but rather to solidify and reaffirm the attitudes I had held earlier.