Sample Criminal Justice Creative Writing on Critical evaluation of the Sedgwick Co Sheriff case

Critical evaluation of the Sedgwick Co Sheriff case

            A sheriff represents the executive or even the administrative power of a county. They are usually in charge of enforcing law related to offenses against the public and keeping peace mainly through arresting people that commit crimes, traitors and felons.  In the Sedgwick Co sheriff case, Tom Hanna had been chosen by the public to serve in Sedgwick County with the hope that he would give good services unlike the former Sheriff, Randy Peck, who was arrested for breaking the law. Hanna was however faced with claims that he engaged in actions that put his moral commitment into question. He was accused of forcing a mentally disabled woman to engage in sexual intercourse with him. As such, Hanna was arrested and was going to be charged for sexually assaulting the woman. The moral question to be answered is, “was arresting Tom Hanna and charging him for sexual assault without real evidence morally permissible?”

            To answer this question, it is important to understand the moral requirements of a sheriff. In relation to the moral requirements of a sheriff, he/she should serve for the best interest of the public. He also should not be convicted or even plead guilty of any immoral actions that violate standards of justice as stated in United States’ law. He as well should not have his/her fingerprints taken for the purpose of criminal investigations or be a subject of investigation at the local, state or even the national level.

            As such, arresting Tom Hanna without real evidence but simply on basis of verbal claims given by a mentally disabled person was morally unacceptable. This is because taking such actions would affect his career by making him to be fingerprinted, become a subject of investigation and be convicted for an action linked to violation of public justice. Taking the action is as well likely to affect the wellbeing of the community especially because most people in the community belief that he is wrongly accused. It can therefore be concluded that arresting Tom Hanna and charging him for sexual assault without real evidence is morally unacceptable.