Sample Criminal Justice Admission Essay on Race, Class, and Crime

Race, Class, and Crime

Police officers have been accused of racial profiling. This is where a person’s race or ethnicity maybe used as a reason to stop, question, and search or arrest him/her. Thus, racial profiling is any police-initiated action that relies on the race, ethnicity instead of one’s behavior or information likely to lead a police to a person identified as being or having involved in criminal activity (Gabbidon, et al, 225). Thus, racial profiling has increased over the years.

 Racial profiling violates ones constitutional right, through profiling where, for instance, a person maybe stopped or selected by police officer based on his/her race. Thus, the thoughtful of a person basing on general characteristics or past behavior namely profiling is ineffective policing and it does not work. As studies have shown that when police use race or ethnic appearance to enforce law, it is likely to fail and lead to death such as fatal shooting of black Americans. In addition, criminal profiling; any police imitated action that uses background, physical behavior and motivational traits to nab a criminal, has also proven futile in policing.

 Police are not the only racial profile breakers as even citizens tend to profile each other, for instance white may look and stare a black American man walking in a store if is suspicious. This is due to the mindset of most people that African male are more likely to commit crime than white due to poor background, this has led to racial profiling and poor community policing. And as racial profile seems order of day, there is a need to put measures place to stop racial profiling among police and against colored people for the betterment of community.

In sum, while police use racial profiling to increase their chances of catching criminals, the method is wrong and unethical, as it humiliates the victim when used with racial attitude, it also creates fear and prevents minority groups to work with police and help abate crimes.