Sample Coursework Essay Paper on Impacts of easier access to food

Impacts of easier access to food

  1. How easier access to food impacted economic development of the United States

Increased access to food has not only improved health outcomes in United States, but also has contributed much in economic development. During the period of financial downturn as well as amid threats in establishing business models, easier access to food through grocery store and supermarket industry becomes an influential economic entity, which has created employment opportunities and stimulated growth. This has caused robust findings that document the level and impact of this business, in general as well as new improvements, in particular. Lately, more than three million Americans across the country have been employed in the sales of grocery that has exceeded 600 billion dollars. Easier access to food has ensured dollars spent in food staffs remain within that society, thus preventing leakage in the local financial system (U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2009).

  1. How economic expansion was more vibrant in the 19th century

The United States economy changed radically during the 19th century as the nation transformed from rural agriculture to urban industrialization, the top most manufacturing nation worldwide. This was led by immense development of railroads that tied the state together into a single national market. As a result, products could be transported for sale all over the country. Likewise, there were an astounding growth technological improvements and innovations that changed America together with its economy. Some of the inventions like refrigeration formed basis for other new fortunes and industries (Fouquer, 2014).

  1. How increased food availability has encouraged lower pricing of food products and a greater accessibility to nutritional food resources

Increased foodstuff accessibility offers consumers with variety of choices in terms of price, brand, and quality of the food. This leads to a huge price difference for some foodstuffs. Convenience food stores allow customers to select products whose prices are within their capability. Similarly, healthy eating as well as better health outcomes have been as a result of increased availability of food. Better geographic convenience to multiple grocery supplies is related to increased vegetable and fruit consumption, which decreases risk for diet related diseases like obesity (U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2009).


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