Sample Coursework Essay Paper on Hostage Situation

Hostage Situation

Dynamics in Hostage Situation

In this kind of hostage situation, terrorists hold hostages against their will in order to achieve advantages from the hostages or a third party. When such a situation occurs, certain dynamics takes center stage.  Political crisis dynamics manifests during terrorist hostage situations. This influences complex decision-making needs in handling the situation as governments see this as a good opportunity to demonstrate strength (Poland, 2011). In this context, a government may broker a deal to provide huge ransom for the terrorist. In cases where the terrorists are surrounded by law enforcement, authorities may adopt different dynamics of killings and shootouts. Depending on the size of the terrorist group and the attacking force, it may not be easily won through negotiations; killings and shootouts are more likely to occur than negotiations.


Negotiations will be successful if both parties in the negotiation are actively listening. In addition, understanding each of the predicaments faced by both parties, by highlighting where they came from and how they feel about the whole situation, may be essential. With this, there would be understanding and behavioral change in either releasing the hostages or coming out with hands up. To some extent, this it may be unsuccessful due to sabotage, threats or even delays that may make more hostages vulnerable and hence more casualties (Poland, 2011). Negotiation and ultimate resolution may not be successful with the above dynamics. These dynamics impact negatively on the negotiation, as it makes it difficult for the authorities to clarify motives behind the hostage and gather necessary intelligence for the formulation of rescue strategies. The above dynamics may not be good for resolving a hostage situation involving terrorists.


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