Sample Computer Science Paper on NoSQL Databases

NoSQL Databases

Despite the fact that relational databases have been in use for several years, the latest model is gaining control in system technologies. NoSQL’s attractiveness to users is brought about by several advantages it offers, although, it also has several limitations.

Advantages of NoSQL databases include elasticity in scaling, increased amount of data, the utility of DBAs, economic advantages besides flexibility in data models. NoSQL databases favor scale-out systems any time there is an increased amount of server. This provides a platform for economic advantages to system administration especially when transaction rates and availability requirements increases causing databases to move into clouds of virtual environments. Secondly, with increased transition rates, there is a direct increase in data volume. Example of big data serviced by NoSQL model is Hadoop which can handle data similar to the one serviced by biggest RDBMS. Thirdly, NoSQL has displaced the use of DBAs which were both expensive and required highly trained personnel. As a result, there is increased economic gain with the use of NoSQL as compared to the previous use of RDBMS. The last advantage is that NoSQL databases are flexible thus enables easy management and use.

Challenges facing NoSQL databases include level of maturity, support, analytical aspects in terms of business intelligence, nature of administration and expertise requirements. Since the database model has not been in the market for long, it is probable that its stability has not been established strongly as compared to RDBMS database model. Another challenge is possible lack of support incase the system model incurs stability threats. In terms of business specific requirements, NoSQL is likely to experience data mine limitations for particular business needs. In terms of administration, the model has not achieved its expected zero-administration solution. Given the high number of programming experts in RDBMS, NoSQL is likely to face expertise shortage as it has just picked up.