Sample Composition Research Paper on About a blue eyed blonde haired boy 11 years’ old

Ever since I was little my parents told me that education is the key to success. They told me that with education people can solve the problems in the world and make it better for everyone. When I was old enough to go to school I remember how happy I was. During my first day of school, I remember seeing the big gates of the school and feeling afraid to go in. The class teacher was a small lady with round-eyeglasses who greeted me happily and introduced me to the rest of the students. The rest of the students were happy to me and I learned to love school. My favorite subject is mathematics and history because I feel that they are more fun. I also love outdoor classes and physical exercise because we get to play a lot.

In school, I have made many friends who we go to play with during our free time and the holidays. I also have many cousins who we play with during the holidays. I love basketball, football, baseball, and football and would like to play professionally someday. I am really good at sports and also know that it is good for one’s health. Besides playing sports and watching live matches I also enjoy playing video games with my family. Video games are very interesting and sometimes I get into trouble for playing too much and forgetting to do my chores.

I am also a big fan of music especially pop music and dance and I also love singing. Ever since I was little I would sing in church and I also love singing in the shower sometimes. My favorite musicians are Chris Brown and Rihanna and I know most of their songs. I love watching music videos on YouTube and also vines. I also love watching people dance and I am also a good dancer. I also love movies especially action movies and dramas and dream of one day becoming an actor like Denzel Washington and Will Smith who have won many Oscars and are loved by many people (Fair). I also want to become skilled in martial arts so that I can fight all the bullies especially those that harass the girls.

When I grow up I would love to be a pilot so that I can fly to many parts of the world and meet new people. I also think that flying is good since one gets a lot of money and also gets to enjoy their job. I have not thought much about my future yet but I would like to get married and have some kids of my own. I would love a girl who is smaller than me and we would travel the world to places like Dubai and Egypt to tour the great pyramids of Giza. I want to have many kids so that I can have many grandchildren around the house.

My goal of going to school is so that I can get an education so that I can be able to make good decisions in life. My parents have taught me that the key to success is believing in yourself and in the end happiness is the best thing so we should strive to be happy. I have also been taught to help other people and to also believe in them. Ultimately I want to do great things and to be remembered like Nelson Mandel who removed apartheid from South Africa (History).

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