Sample Composition Essay Paper on Recycling Aluminium

Recycling Aluminium

            With increase in production and purchase on new materials, all organizations have embarked on recycling their used products to minimize these costs, aluminium being one of the most recycled materials. Aluminium’s nature or characteristics are among the factors that make it easy to recycle, and the favourite to be used in packaging. Among the unique characteristics of aluminium, and not found in other metals, include the fact it is light-weight hence minimizing the transport costs. Its impermeable nature helps in preservation of food among other products by keeping off light and air(Gaustad, Olivetti and Kirchain par 2). These among the facts that recycling aluminium makes it ready to use within ninety days make it the leading choice in packaging. Recycling of aluminium is of great importance to businesses success putting into consideration that its recycle saves energy in a bigger margin of ninety two percent as compared to production of new aluminium materials. Recycling and use of aluminium has also been credited to have enabled incorporation of friendly environmental and sustainable or realistic goals. This has consequently led to what economic experts term as a step towards the right direction in reference to cost and environment.

            The use of aluminium has also been hypothesised to play part in attracting customers due to its flexibility when it comes to painting or decoration(Plumb par 3). A notable advantage that has developed of late is the use of a thin aluminium foil used mostly as an inner cover for beverages. This is enabled due to flexibility of aluminium metal a character that is found in other metals. The fact that recycling aluminium only uses five percent energy used to make the original material is also a factor that has played a significant role in encouraging its recycle.

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