Sample Communication Research Paper on Interpersonal communication

Interpersonal communication

There’s is probably a personal problem that Corey may be going through, he does not however feel that starting it himself will be a solution to what he is undergoing. As one of the group members that has remained close to him for a long period of time. The first step is to approach him after the discussion is over and enquire if whatever he’s going through can be shared. Though many people like maintaining privacy, it is believed that a problem shared is half solved. To ensure that he also gains from the discussion by contributing to the project, a quick solution must be found to solve whatever is ailing him.

            Though it is hard to hide the feeling one has at a particular point, Corey has to put whatever that is affecting him beside and concentrate in his studies. The only appropriate action for him is to ensure that his mind is set on whatever is before him. A quick session for general discussion before commencing the group work where individuals can share personal issues with the rest of the group members can greatly contribute to a more productive discussion.

The most appropriate conflict management mechanism is holding a counseling session with Corey he may be able to forget whatever that is ailing him. The fact that he has always been a great contributor in discussions means that he is undergoing a difficult encounter which needs some attention and time to heal. By always being around him to offer guidance and company, counseling will prove a success to Corey. the biggest mistake one can make in the process of counseling Corey is frequently reminding him of whatever problem he is undergoing.  Moral support and encouragement is key when one is being counseled.