Sample Communication Research Paper on Case Study of Cable News Network (CNN)

Summary of an Article

The study aimed at analyzing the perception of college students towards the use of social media. Various patterns of how news is received by colleges students as well as the role of news media in enhancing social life through a case study of Cable News Network (CNN). The research majorly dwelled on the importance of national and international news media in regard to continuing college students. It also investigated the improvement of reliance to CNN as a source of both national and international news as progression in college students went about.

The study used a telephone survey with a sample of 630 Kentucky university students between the ages of 18 and 22 with from both genders but females (52.2%) were slightly more than male (47.8%).

From the study, there was an increased importance on the use of both international and national news media among college students in a span of one year. This improvement was exceptional in relation to traditional media. Also, CNN was the most preferred news source for college students as there was increased reliance on it in a span of one year.

According to the study, college undergraduate years are a great opportunity for students to acquire specific characters such as the orientation towards news and also enhanced socialization. CNN has been integrated in the college students’ learning system enabling them to identify themselves with the outside world. The study found out that all news media avenues were preferred for both national and international news leading to the erosion of viewership in regard to traditional media networks CNN viewers were found to differ significantly from non-CNN viewers in their heavier use of daily newspapers, weekly news magazines, and late night local news viewing.