Sample Communication Paper on Research in Business

Research in Business


            There are various reasons why businesses are involved in research. The major reason is to ensure that the companies are in line with the needs of the consumers, and ensure the continuity of their products or services in the future (Solaja, Idowu & James, 2016). Apple is an example of businesses that have incorporated research in their operations. Apple is a tech company whose flagship products are the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and iOS.  The tech industry is extremely competitive, consequently forcing apple to embrace innovation (Rosoff, 2016). The marketing approach of this company targets the high-end market for its products. This segment of the market is demanding regarding quality. Hence the company has devoted vast resources research and development-wise to provide its customers with the best devices on the market.

Potential Problems that Can Be Solved by Research

            One of the challenges that Apple is facing is the struggle to maintain dominance in the high-end market of computing and hand held devices. For instance, it is facing stiff competition for mobile devices from Samsung (Heisler, 2012). Samsung .owns the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series brands, whose ratings in the market are similar to those of iPhones and exceed the iPhone in some aspects such as the quality of their camera (Rosoff, 2016). Regarding the operating system of the handheld devices, Google’s  Android version, which has been adopted by major mobile companies and consumers is a formidable adversary. Onee of the problems facing Apple is that IOS devices are not compatible with other devices. Hence certain activities such as data sharing with other devices is constrained.. Moreover, since the company only deals with the high-end market devices, ignoring the mid-level and low-end markets its competitors venture into these markets. 

Indicators of Research within Apple Company

            The tech industry is very dynamic because of the rapid advancement in technology, and miniaturization of computing devices. There is a move from desktop applications to cloud computing, and the functionalities of hand-held devices are increasing and improving fast (Heisler, 2012). For example, the advancement of the tech field is so rapid, that a new mobile device can be rendered obsolete in less than one year. Apple has managed to set the pace for the advancement of computing technology by launching new and better versions of its flagship products every year. By doing so, the firm has created a following in the high-end market as customers are always on the lookout for new versions of their favorite products (Heisler, 2012). Releasing new and better versions of computing devices each year is not an easy undertaking. Moreover, it is an indicator that that research and development department of the company is constantly devising better ways of improving the experience of its customers.

 Use of Secondary Research

            Secondary research is reliant on data that is collected and compiled by other researchers from an entity or firm that is distinct from Apple. The company makes the best use of secondary data when researching trends in the needs of the consumers and the market because it would be expensive and time consuming for the company to conduct primary research. However, If the objectives of the company are specific, it can also contract a firm to research on its behalf. The data that is collected this way is considered to be secondary, given that the party collecting the data is external to the company that will use the data. Secondary data can be accessed for  free or bought by the company. It is advisable, however, to avoid using freely available data. This is because it is available to competitors of Apple, making it have no leverage over the competitors.

Use of Primary Research

            Primary research entails the collection of data by the firm or researcher that will utilize the data. In the context of Apple, the research done by the research and development department of the company is an example of primary research. The data best applies when carrying out research to learn how the products of the company can be improved. These improvements are usually confidential and lead to new patents for the enterprise. Hence, the designs that result from this research cannot be revealed to outsiders, as it would be a breach of patent rights. Primary research costs this company a lot, and that is why it has been involved in lengthy disputes with its major competitor, Samsung, over breaches of patent rights.

Future Possibilities of Research for Apple

 In the tech sector, there are many developments taking place. These developments include increasing computing speeds of the mobile devices, converging the virtual world with reality,  the internet of things, and, cloud computing. Additionally, they spell opportunities for Apple and other tech companies that might be interested in commercializing them (Rostek and Skala, 2014). The company is already using cloud computing to store the consumers’ apps and media. Furthermore, the company ought to explore how to implement the Internet of Things by making its iOS compatible with most of the electronic devices used by the average consumer.


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