Sample Communication Paper on Public Speaking Anxiety

Short Essay (Public Speaking Anxiety)


  • What was your PRPSA score? My score is 136
  • Do you feel that your score was representative of your level of public speaking anxiety? Why or why not?
  • What background do you have in terms of speaking in public? Do you feel like your background has impacted your PRPSA score?
  • Based on a one scholarly source , what can you do to manage speaking anxiety or nervousness? Please provide at least one example from the text. (If you do not have any nervousness please provide an example of what someone else could use based on the textbook).
  • required to answer all of the questions and provide examples.
  • Reminder of Scores and Interpretation
    • For people with scores between 34 and 84 on the PRPSA, very few public speaking situations would produce anxiety.
    • Scores between 85 and 92 indicate a moderately low level of anxiety about public speaking. While some public speaking situations would be likely to arouse anxiety in people with such scores, most situations would not be anxiety arousing.
    • Scores that range between 111 and 119 suggests a moderately high level of anxiety about public speaking. People with such scores will tend to avoid public speaking because it usually arouses a fairly high level of anxiety. While some public speaking situations may not cause too much of a problem, most will be problematic.
    • Scores between 120 and 170 indicate a very high level of anxiety about public speaking. People with scores in this range have very high anxiety in most, if not all, public speaking situations and are likely to go to considerable lengths to avoid them. It is unlikely that they can become successful public speakers unless they overcome or significantly reduce their anxiety.