Sample Communication Paper on News Release and Story Plans

News Release and Story Plans

News Release

Community representatives instructed Cumberland council to pass the proposal without any further community consultation in 2018.

At 6:30 pm on May 2, the Cumberland Council held its bimonthly meeting at the Maryland’s Administration Building.

Ms Megan Kessle, local resident and representative of the community raised the upgrade of NEW GLASGOW PARK objection to the proposal.

The Upgrade of New Glasgow Park was a proposal approved by the Council meeting on November 1, 2017. It is located in Granville at 18 Factory Street, Granville and was formerly within the Parramatta Local Government Area.

Ms Kessler said she had tried to get in contact with the council for many times but received no response at all.

“As a local resident and representative of a community, the mighty duck river restoration collective who’s been in contact with the council regarding the park and the river a number of times since amalgamation, I’m disappointed that we’re in no way consulted about the proposal” said Ms Kessler

Councilor Glenn Elmore echoed Megan Kessler’s comments: “That is what the problem is and what the residents are concerned about. There hasn’t been any consultation.” “Generally consultation would involve council consulting before a decision has been made about upgrades but not after.” Continued Councilor Glenn Elmore.

New Glasgow Park proposal entailed incorporating the building of an amusement park, the installation of solar power and lighting equipment’s and the construction of other relevant infrastructures.

Ms. Kessler continued to comment on the proposal, “in my view providing seating an lighting in the park will actually encourage an increase in antisocial behavior in the park. I would encourage councilors to reject the current proposal which has significant negative environment and social implications and instead agree only to community consultation possible upgrades for the new Glasgow Park.”

Councilor Joseph Rahme suggested: ‘ We can comment around the lighting and look at options for lighting that are low bollards based on recommendation from Ms. Kessler.’

“I appreciate the very knowledgeable feedback provided by Ms Kessler” said by Councilor Ross Grove

According to community representative’s speech, members of the council formulated community engagement plan, and that consultation on the future works was undertaken with the local community prior to the commencement of major upgrade works.

In addition, council deliberated on the objection and decided to take into account opinions from local residents to readjust the lighting equipment.

“I commend council on the report and I am really looking forward to each aspect of the report being executed in light of the great feedback.” Councilor Rahme said.

It was noted that 12 councilors and a number of managers from the corporation attended the council meeting. The Mayor, Councillor Greg Cummings, announced that the meeting would have another local representative to share observations on the new proposal. As the council meeting continued, the local resident would make suggestions on the waste education plan.

Story Plan 1

The Cumberland Council has announced the conference decision from the council meetings held in the last two months. The decision was that there would be an upgrade on several of the community’s parks which include; Scout Memorial Park, Wyatt Park, New Glasgow Park, Regents Park, and Auburn’s Civic Park among others. Among them, approximately 11 playgrounds were to be upgraded as the entertainment projects of the council’s essential parks. Additionally, a playground, a variety of recreational facilities, and some outdoor sports facilities including rock climbing were to be added to the park.

News Story Plan

The news plan will attach importance to family perspective in considering security risks of the park facilities. Since the primary users of this park’s entertainment facilities are children, the news plan will lay focus on families with children. According to ABS’ statistics on the Cumberland community, the percentage of children aged 0-9 years in the Cumberland community is 7.8%, which exceeds the Australian average. There are about 53,000 families in the community, and each family has one child on average hence ascertaining the fact that Cumberland is a community with a large number of young children. Therefore, Cumberland district mums will be the primary targets for interviewing to get the details which are essential when upgrading the parks. In this case, the content of the news stories will be developed from their feelings, security risks, and concerns about the park facilities. Lastly, the interviewed objects encompass members of the organization and the organizer, Roshini Veera.

Story Plan 2

The Cumberland Council proposed a new multipurpose community center, library, and a regional arts facility at Granville. The total project cost of the new multipurpose Community Centre project was estimated at $22 million, of which $10 million was to be financed by the Cumberland council and the other half was to be funded by NSW Government’s Stronger Communities Fund. In the ordinary meeting held on May 2nd, the Cumberland Council proposed that the council had been preparing for the construction of a new council administration building at Granville. This undertaking’s goal was to bring together offices scattered in various regions. Moreover, some board members believed that the undertaking could improve the work efficiency of the council, and bring convenience for residents. However, it was noted that the new council administration building project was not included in the original new multipurpose community Centre.

News Story Plan

This news story plan will focus on interviewing councilors from the perspective of residents’ interests. Some of the questions to ask include; what are the benefits of residential facilities included in the council administration building project? Will the new council administration building project add another budget? Lastly, will New South Wales government officials continue to fund this construction plan? In this case, the answers to these questions will assist in coming up with the most appropriate strategy to be used as an effective framework in coming up with the proposed multipurpose community center, library, and regional arts facility at Granville.

Story Plan 3

At the council meetings, members have proposed a ROAD SAFETY CAMPAIGN which encompasses undertaking a road safety campaign throughout the LGA (via print media, letter drops, the web, and also the community radio). This campaign aims to minimize any safety incidents that may occur concerning road safety. Some of the scenarios which might compromise road safety include; vehicles parked on footpaths and verges, vehicles parked blocking driveways, and other acts which might lead to accidents.

News Plan

This story plan will focus on traffic congestion problem. Traffic congestion is severe in Australia hence the story will focus on the influence of traffic jams on road safety. Additionally, the news will be reported from the perspective of residents’ traffic safety. The Council Road Safety Officer will be interviewed about security incidents that have happened in the past, and whether traffic jams have an impact on residents’ safety. Besides, the Crime Prevention Officer will be interviewed to offer insights as to whether criminals take advantage of traffic jams for robbery and offer insights on the consequences of manufacturing traffic jams.