Sample Communication Paper on Coping with Stress

The stress self-assessment survey I took resulted in an overall score of 2.2, implying that I am average at coping with stress.  It is important to note that the stress score can change from time to time based on a person’s ability to manage or cope with stressful events. As such, the overall score of 2.2 is not permanent and can change depend on one’s inclination to cope with stress. The overall score can rise above 3.5, which suggests that I can be better at managing stress. The important thing is the ability to deal and manage stressful events. 

            Stress is can be described as an undesirable and detrimental.  Stress has negative effects when extreme or when it lasts for a long period (Jackson, Antonucci, and Gibson, 193). However, moderate stress enables a person to adapt to environmental demands thereby promoting intellectual growth. Recent studies depict that moderate stress is a key factor in mental growth (Jackson, Antonucci, and Gibson, 193). Nonetheless, persistent stress increases the probability of having mental disorders, especially anxiety and depression. As well, too much stress may result in post-traumatic stress disorder, while personality disorders can trigger the inception of psychosis (Jackson, Antonucci, and Gibson, 193). Therefore, the identification of stressors provides a person with the potential of eliminating the sources of stress hence evade or eradicate its effects. On that account, the thing that stresses me the most is achieving a balance between school, work, and my personal life. I usually find myself so absorbed by either school tasks or work that I do not have adequate time for rest and other persona l things like socialization and hobbies.   

Coping with stress that result from a person being bombarded with stressful events or situations is essential. It is crucial that a person seeks help from a support group to help cope with this stress. I have recently joined a support group that has shown me the techniques I can use to handle stress. Joining the group has demonstrated to me that people vary remarkably in their responses to potentially stressful events. It is important that a person adopts a stress coping technique that suits him/her.

            There are many things and activities increase the stress levels in my life. Nevertheless, the area of coping that has helped me the most is the one that is tailored to my personality. I am an introvert; therefore, I prefer living in isolation. The stress coping technique I have chosen is tailored for my introvert personality as it helping me form useful networks to cope with stress. Indeed, the technique is really helping me to adjust as I am now reaching out to people and informing them about what is stressing me. I belive that this method is equipping me with the abilities to cope with highly stressful events.

Despite the progress that I have made in my ability to cope with stress and stressful events, I need to improve on controlling my emotions when faced with stressful moments. I often find myself overreacting over trivial matters; this just places me under stress. Overall, to improve my coping resources, I need to learn and identify the sources of stress in my life. In most cases, I rush into findings solutions without identifying their causes. I also need to learn how to establish strong relationships with my peers to expand my social networks. I believe these moves will be key in helping me handle stress.

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