Sample Communication Essay Paper on Nike


            Nike is engaged in the design and worldwide marketing of footwear, apparel, equipment and other products that are used by sportspeople, it is also concerned with new technologies, which fulfill demands and needs of athletes.. Nike offers shoes and sportswear for many sporting activities for instance football, hiking, outdoor activities, and others under the ‘NIKE’ brand name. Further, Nike sells equipments used in performance and other sporting activities including skates, gloves, and eyewear. The mission of the company is, “To bring inspiration and innovation to every sports person in the whole world”.


           Nike was established in 1962 as Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) and in 1972 BRS changed its name to Nike. The company was initially called Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) but its name was changed to Nike in1972, the company expanded its operations to other parts of the world in the subsequent years for instance it started to operate in Australia in 1974.Since then the company has expanded to other parts of the world with it profits increasing each and every year. Many sports people chosen the company have their preferred company whereby the place orders for the design and making of their footwear which they use in sporting activities. Nike has employed several people across the world who takes part in various activities for instance manufacturing, advertsing, distribution and many others that bring Nike to many sports people across the world. The company is leveraging its brands to establish a strong retail presence and at the end of FY2014, the company operated 322 retail stores in the US and 536 retail stores in its international markets (Nike, 2015).

Image and reputation

            The image and reputation of Nike has been managed through various activities for instance by taking part in social responsibility and advertising their brand. The  advertising campaigns of Nike  are known all over the world as being widely successful for the reason that the avenues they have chosen for marketing the products have reached many people in the whole world. Nike has outpaced other companies that deal with foot wear for sportspeople for instance Puma because of the reputation that they have made for themselves since the company was established. In 2001, the company formed a Corporate Responsibility (CR) Committee as part of its Board of Directors to oversee the environmental impact, sustainability, and labor issues of its major business decisions, this was so crucial in boosting the reputation of the company. 

International communications

            Nike has used various methods to communicate to the entire world and market its brand and this has made it to have an added advantage to other companies. Nike operates in number regions and uses subcontractors to make and market its products. Majority of the stores of Nike are found overseas and this has necessitated the company to make use of methods of communication that reach the entire world. The company has also been able to reach a wider market for the reason that it stores are spread all over the world and this has made the delivery of products to customers to be easier.


            The Company makes use of Nike sales offices to market and sale its products in the US and other parts of the world, the company has also uses mass media  for instance television , Internet, newspapers and magazines to promote their brand.  Many well-known athletes have worked for the advertisement for example Ronald. The business promotes sport events and takes part in some projects (for example they helped WWF to reduce pollution thus aiding in the marketing of its products.  The company offers quality products at low prices; in fact this was one of its first goal which has helped it to market and make its product to be familiar.


            The company relies on various methods to advertise its products. NIKE focuses on the support to world class sport campaigns such as basketball, football, tennis, and golf and uses such events to advertise its products to the whole world. Top players in major tournaments in the world wear NIKE’s products; this has been used as one of the marketing strategies which has helped to form a good image for the company.

Communication of Nike is effective because it has made it to increase its sales and products thus making it one of the largest companies in the world that deal with sportswear. Many sports people across the globe have chosen Nike to design and make their footwear and this is a proof that the communication that is used is effective.


            Nike should put more effort in advertising its products so as to improve its image in the whole world. The challenges that the company is going through can be overcome through corporate social responsibility. Nike should initiate more projects that are aimed at giving back to the society and this will help in improving its image through strategic communication. Nike should also make use of international media outlets so as to reach a wider market in the whole world. The company should also diversify the methods that are used to communicate to the entire world about its products; it should make use of all sports instead of relying on major tournaments like football and athletics alone to market its products.


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