Sample Communication Capstone Project Paper on Clinical Question

Clinical Question

The clinical question dealt with in this essay is about public health where low-income teenagers get acquitted to STI prevention education. However, the youth are hesitant to open up to the facilitator during the lessons. Therefore, the management intends to recruit peer educators to oversee the program through. The youths are deemed to open up to their peers.


The population involved in this program includes people under the age of thirty five years living in low-income regions in the United States.  They are the main victims of sexual violence and are lured into sexual behaviors by their peers as well as old people. Taking them through the program will equip them with the necessary skills needed in life.


Employing teenagers to train the youth will enhance their participation and contribution towards the lesson or issues discussed. The young people in the community feel shy in sharing their experiences to the elderly.  On the other hand, they are at ease to express themselves to age mates or people closer to them in terms of similar behavioral attributes.


The comparison of service delivery disparities between the young and the elderly educators affects participation and level of contribution. Thus, the disparities denote the corporation the teenagers accords the facilitator who offers services.


The outcome of this endeavor is to improve participation. This means that young medical practitioners will be able to interact with the teenager’s more than older practitioners. This is because people attach participation alongside the association/relationship they share with the facilitator. In cases where the facilitator belongs to a different group, participation goes down. The outcome of this endeavor will be increased participation.