Sample Communication Article Review Paper on primary theory used by the authors to conceptualize

  1. What is the primary theory used by the authors to conceptualize their approach to the topic?

The primary theory that was used by the authors to conceptualize their approach to the topic was Grounded theory.

  • Did the study use hypotheses, research questions, or both?

The study used both hypothesis and the research questions. They study designed hypotheses which formed the basis for the research questions. Using both the hypotheses and the research questions is important to get clear understanding of the thesis or problem statement.

  • What are the two variables defined in the hypotheses advanced by the researchers? You don’t have to identify independent and dependent variables, but use the exact phrasing as written in the hypotheses for each variable.

The two variables advanced by the researcher are;Negative mood and selective exposure.

  • What type of methodology (quantitative or qualitative) did the researchers use for this study and what was the specific method used to conduct the study?

The methodology that was used by researchers is quantitative methodology. The researchers also used questionnaire method to conduct the study. After the participants had participated in the browsing experiment, they were given questionnaire to fill. This was important in order to get the views and feelings of the participants.

  • How many total people participated in the study and how many complete and valid cases were used for analysis?

A total of 174 people participated in the study. Out of these, 168 were complete and valid cases which were used for analysis.

  • How long did participants browse the mock social networking site (SNS)?

The participants browsed the mock social networking site for two minutes.

  • What were the two main elements of individuals’ profiles on the mock social networking site (SNS) that the researchers manipulated?

The researcher manipulated the individuals’ peer ratings of career success and physical attractiveness.

  • What type of statistical test was used to analyze the data and determine results?

Mixed-model ANCOVAs was used to analyze the data and determine results.Using Mixed-model ANCOVAs was important in order to get the correlation between moods and selective exposure.

  • After analyzing the data, did the researchers find support or not for each of the hypotheses?

The researcher found support that there was a significant relationship between-subjects effect of mood condition on downward social comparisons. Also, they found that mood affected upward social comparisons in the predicted direction.

  1. Why did participants in the study have to be debriefed afterwards?

The participants were debriefed to enable them get accurate and appropriate information about the nature of the experiment or study. Also, debriefing the participants will enable them to understand the hypothesis for the experiment and ask questions they feel need clarification especially questions on misconceptions. The researchers will also be in a position to explain to the participants how data especially regarding their personal information will be used.