Sample Classic English Essay Paper on The Nature of Good and Evil in the Ancient Egypt

The people in the ancient Egypt had their myths and beliefs in the early centuries. According to the story in the reading about the ancient Egypt, both good and evil have their consequences. For instance, committing adultery was an offence in the ancient Egypt and could lead to consequences like curses. Helius sets a curse on rhea for secretly having an intercourse with Cronus that she should never give birth in her entirety. The curse is even effective to the generations of Cronus as we see his son Typhon with his abominable act to Osiri and later he is defeated in a war by Horus. Disobedience to the King was an act of disobedience and may have its consequences. For example, Typhon shows hatred and abomination to Osiris by making Osiri to suffer. Egyptians still remember this in every celebration.

There were also good things that the people of the ancient Egypt believed in, for instance, the ancient Egyptians believed that love could bring joy and happiness. Hermes fell in love with the goddess and the fruit of their love is Isis who was well on guard. Different relationships described in the reading bore some fruits. Isis also had an intercourse with Osiris, which bore Hippocrates. Besides, they people of the ancient Egypt believed that a good king is remembered and celebrated for the good things he has done to his people and to his land. Osiris as a king took the Egypt through a process of revolution until the Egyptians were civilized. In addition, that is the reason why the Greek thought he was the same as Dionysus. the Egyptians still celebrate Osiris for his good kinship in their celebrations.