Sample Case Study on Hillside Vet Clinic Market Plan: Product Description

Hillside Vet Clinic Market Plan: Product Description

Hillside Vet Clinic is a facility that deals in different products. It aims to expand and become a renowned veterinary clinic in the region. The marketing plan has meticulously highlighted and analyzed the variety of products and product designs offered by the clinic. The products include bundled service package for puppies and kittens, compassionate and personalized care, point of purchase materials and brochure shelf, website design, customer database enhancement, brochures to describe the clinic and key specialized services, logo and tagline and participation in community events (Hardy, 2015, p. 25).

The bundled service package for puppies and kittens is a brilliant idea. It aims to brand the clinic as a provider dedicated to offering a variety of services not restricted to the populace but placing pets into perspective. This service creates value for HVC customers (Hardy, 2015, p. 28). The discount rate is also a splendid idea as it makes the service affordable to even customers with limited budgets. Moreover, the web design, point of purchase materials and brochure shelf create a good impression of the clinic and attract more clients. The website contains special features that attract potential customers while still ensuring safety and good customer relations.

However, the emphasis of Hillside vet clinic should not be focused on discounts. The clinic should be a proficient institution dealing mostly with professionals. Identification of the target customers and their financial capabilities is useful in determining the prices. Moreover, the plan to give back to the society by participating in community events is good effort made towards changing the lives of individuals and making the world a better place to live. This business plan is sound and effective because it concentrates on making the community healthier by setting affordable prices. It places into perspective the financial capability of an average person and seeks to give back to the society.


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