Sample Business Studies Review Paper on Peer Review

Peer Review

  1. The expectations of the report were not fulfilled. The purpose was to outline The Ideas behind Google and Why Twenty Percent Time Works for them. The author however gives other details that are irrelevant to the topic. The audience is kept waiting to understand the topic of discussion until the last bit of the report. The introductory part could have outlined the origin of the 20% time and the reasons for its adoption. It is however not clearly brought out as the author delves into the details of the topic without necessarily giving a slick preview of the topic of discussion.
  2. The APA formatting style has not been adhered to by the writer. First, the writer has not included the running head as is required on the basics of APA. The separation of the title page or the cover page from the page containing the contents has also not been effected. The one inch margin has also not been adhered to as it is for the line spacing, which is varied between various paragraphs
  3. The topic, the basic idea behind Google and why 20% time works for them, aims at outlining the reason why Google came into existence. The topic also outlines factors that led to its existence and the reason why the adoption of the 20% time rule has led to its smooth operation. According to me, the topic is too wide for discussion and analysis. Understanding the reasons behind the coming into being of Google, and why the 20% time works for them is a wide topic of coverage. The writer dwelt much on the subject of Google’s existence and left the 20% time rule, which was the main idea for this report.
  4. The author has used Internet resources to support her report. The resources are not sufficient enough as Internet resources are on some occasions subject to manipulation. Use of primary resources, such as books and journals to support the report would add more details to her argument. The writer underutilized the 3 resources used.
  5. The writer’s solution is best because she has decided to handle a topic, which she has an interest in, making it easy for her to provide sufficient details. Her comparison with other company also makes the solution the best choice. Deciding to break the topic into one would make the topic easier to handle.
  6. The report on Googles Innovative Goal and Googlettes is more detailed and provides sufficient details of what Google and its innovative ideas are all about.
  7. The executive summary is stuffy and does not serve its purpose of giving a brief summary of what the entire report entails. The author gives her reason for choosing Google as an ideal company for her discussion. She however does not provide the clear outline of whatever she intends to discuss in the entire report. The table of content needs a reshape together with the entire APA formatting style, which needs to be adhered to.
  8. For in-text citations, the last two paragraphs of the introduction segments, two different sentences have been cited under one book and yet they are concurrent. The author should have cited the two sentences as one since they are close to each and the information used was from the same book
  9. The writer used active voice instead of passive, which is mostly preferred in report writing, since the author is reporting on something that she is not part of. Using the passive voice could enable her not to dwell much into the details as well as further questioning on unreported information. Using the third person tense is also recommended for reporting on something that you are not part of.