Sample Business Studies Research Paper on The role of leadership in strategic management

1.  Introduction


Welcome to Assessment (3) of the Strategy course, a part of your Master of Business Administration Program. The objective of this assignment is to develop a detailed research report on a case study, which should be relevant to the area of strategic management.


2.  Course Learning Outcomes


# CLOs P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 QFE CL


CLO1 Critically appraise a detailed body of knowledge

of recent developments in strategy and strategic management.







  KN4, SK2, AR3, SD1 (CLS1), (CLS2), (CLS5)
CLO3 Critically apply advanced skills required in research, analysis, evaluation of complex ideas, information, concepts and/or activities related

to strategy.








KN1, SK4, AR3, RC1

CLO4 Synthesize advanced problem-solving skills to analyse highly complex issues with incomplete data and develop innovative solutions and proposals relevant to strategy and strategic












KN2, SK3, AR2, RC2, SD3

  1. Assessment

31. Assessment Requirement:

Develop a research report that covers the most significant theories/concepts relevant to strategy related to an UAE company of your choice, using research analysis skills and knowledge acquired in class, and submit a detailed research report of approx. 2,000 words (+/-250).


  1. Highlight the chosen organization’s current strategies to gain a competitive advantage in the UAE (CLO1- 5 Marks)
  2. Critically analyze the chosen organization’s macro environment using the PESTEL Analysis. Subsequently, evaluate the factors in favor of the organization that can help it to achieve its goals and (CLO3- 10 Marks)
  3. Evaluate the organization’s internal scenario using SWOT analysis. Subsequently, propose new strategies the organization can adopt to achieve an improved competitive advantage and become a market leader in UAE Market. (CLO 4- 25 Marks)


  • Terms of Reference.

As a GUIDE ONLY, this section outlines some of the aspects you may consider significant given the brief shown above. Your report should include:


Submit your assignment in Microsoft Word only. No other file types will be accepted.

  • Note that the plagiarism limit is 25%.

Standard academic presentation is required, including:

  • Introduction and Conclusion
  • Concise and appropriate language
  • Fully referenced using the (APA) method, containing all sources used for each piece of work
  • Unless advised otherwise, all work should be spaced at 1.5, and handed in via the LMS
  • Use the (Times New Roman) font, regular style and font size (12)
  • Insert page numbers

4.  Recommended Reading

Text Books:

Grant, R. M. (2019). Contemporary Strategy Analysis (10th ed.). John Wiley & Sons.



Bindra, S., Parameswar, N., &  Dhir,  S.  (2019).  Strategic  management:  The  evolution  of  the  field. Strategic Change, 28(6), 469-478.

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