Sample Business Studies Research Paper on strategic role of innovation and technology management in international business and MNEs

On successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:
1. Discuss key concepts and theories pertaining to the strategic role of innovation and technology
management in international business and MNEs.
2. Interpret the difference between creativity, innovation and technology and assess the impact of each
concept on the competitiveness of international corporations.
3. Explain the relationship between technology sources, R&D activities, sustainability and elements of
knowledge-related competitiveness.

Summative: Term project (individual, 2300-2700 words) 60%
Final Examination (2-hour, comprehensive, essay-type questions) 40%
Formative: Case-study analysis and in-class discussion 0
Term Project (individual): a 2300 to 2700 words individual literature review paper on a relevant topic in the
field of innovation and technology management (with the support of industry cases).
The formative test aims to prepare students for the summative assessments.
The term project tests Learning Outcomes 1 and 2.
The final examination is comprehensive.

“Digitally connected global firms reap the benefits of many new opportunities, such as obtaining global
resources, reaching foreign customers, and improving efficiency for global operations, but business leaders
cannot underrate associated risks. IB scholarship has so far only focused on the political, financial, and
transactional risks in international business, leaving digitization-related risks largely unaddressed. Threats
arising within an increasingly digitized environment prompt the need for more thorough study…” 1
Identify and discuss risks for MNEs that arise from digitalization/digitization and evaluate the impact on
MNE’s strategic management and international investment, while considering the highly competitive
international operating environment.

The requirements of the term project encourage the student to appreciate the evolution of the innovation
and technology factor in the international business environment. The student by successfully completing the
1 Luo, Y. (2022). A general framework of digitization risks in international business, Journal of International Business
Studies, 53, 344–366.
2 project should be able to acquire a more detailed knowledge on both the theoretical and the practical aspect
of this field since is going to engage him or herself both to the theory of innovation technology and how this
is being applied in practice on a corporate level, especially within the demanding and challenging
international operating environment.

(D) Structure of TERM Project
The term project should have the following uniform structure:
• Cover page
• Table of Contents
• Introduction: Introduce problem; research aim; outline of report and methodology
• Theoretical Background: Definition(s); discussion of literature/theory
• Industry example: Case analysis relevant to the theory discussed
• Conclusions: (no new information here!); Recapitulation of key findings, limitations, suggestions for
further research
• References (all and in alphabetical order)
• Appendices (if applicable)